Peter Seal Scottish, b. 1959

Peter Seal is a Scottish artist based in Manchester, who produces work in a variety of mediums - collage, painting & sculpture. 


His paintings result from a process of deconstruction and reconfiguration. Each begins with the idea of an image and the nature of its constituent marks, visualised in a preparatory drawing. Then, on a canvas of pristine whiteness, or one stained in subtle tonal variation, the artist puts down an enlarged version of the image in acrylic paint. Subsequently, this canvas is cut into sections and stitched back together to form an entirely new compositional arrangement, that of the finished work. There are stages in between, involving photography and small collage studies, the resultant paintings dependent on highly developed pictorial design combined with rigorous craftsmanship.  There is great variety in these paintings, of surface texture, line, edge, and of inter-relationships of positive and negative shape. Integral to all of this is the physicality of paint and colour, its optical weight and vibrancy. 


~ Dr Ian Massey, August 2020


Peter Seal is represented by Anthony Hepworth Fine Art