7 - 30 April 2020

An introduction to the recent work, by Peter Lloyd-Jones:

‘My work for this exhibition is not themed but forms a distinct chapter in my repertoire as an artist. Colour - always a delight, is a driving force in this show, but for the first time I have worked exclusively from memory and imagination. My work has become not about the formal elements that can govern the act of painting but more about sensations of place, moments and transitions through time. Through my interiors for example, the people portrayed may be on the move, perhaps about to arrive or they may have left, and always they are occupied. This sense of movement and of doing is accentuated by the rhythms and patterns that run through the fabrics, furniture and passages of light that hold the composition of the paintings together. When painting a still life, I arrange a table top with favourite pots, flowers or ornaments but these are only to aid my memories and are moved incessantly during the painting process until a picture has emerged.

‘I still produce colour studies from direct observation and this process equates to drawing and continues to be important as it’s about acquiring knowledge. If you are drawing, whatever the medium, you are probably looking and in so doing gaining a greater understanding of your subject.’