Crafting Monumentality: Three Contemporary Approaches to Abstraction

25 July - 24 August 2018

Bringing together the works of three contemporary British artists, this exhibition involves a dynamic negotiation of two conventionally opposed forces across painting and sculpture: monumentality and craftsmanship.


Throughout, the works included resonate with abstract masterpieces. Not least, Peter Seal’s bold use of colour and form recalls Franz Kline’s abstract expressionism, and Robert Motherwell’s canonical Elegy to the Spanish Republic series. Likewise, the sculptures by Andrew Stonyer and Richard Perry suggest references to artists such as Constantin Brancusi, Richard Serra, and Beverly Pepper.


Developing beyond these points of inspiration, the artists demonstrate a shared commitment to innovating and mastering new forms of creation. In his works on canvas and paper, for example, Peter Seal combines collage and painting to facilitate a considered yet highly impactful approach to making. Comparably, Andrew Stonyer’s sculptures result from the artist’s skilful experimentation with the possibilities involved in deconstructing and reconstructing cuboid and spherical forms; and Richard Perry’s works reflect his sensitivity to the qualities of the stones that he uses, as well as his supreme workmanship.


United in the gallery, the works collectively generate a conversation across form, line, and colour, and bring to light a powerful and creative conversation between contemporary art practice and its art historical heritage.